TDVision Systems unveil the first portable, all digital high def 3D visualization system, the new 720p TDVisor-HD

720p TDVisor-HD

The TDVisor showcased high definition stereo content including 3D movies and games and the totally redesigned AlterSpace. The AlterSpace is a stereo virtual world where users can meet, chat, create their own environments, and upload and watch 3D movies. The AlterSpace is slated to become a stereo content purchase and distribution system with its own marketplace.

TDVision is the only technology simultaneously compatible with 2D infrastructures and also is fully compatible with existing MPEG decoders. It is established and tested in mission critical military applications and electronics.

For the past 60 years we have been watching television in 2 dimensions, but no matter how high definition the screen or how large, we will never feel like we are really part of the action, now TDVision is making this happen.” said Manuel Gutierrez, CEO of TDVision.

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