If you run an ecommerce business, privacy must be one of main concern for you. You should permanently search how to improve your web site’s performance and conversion rates. Are so many tools on the Internet tried to help you but many of them are so expensive. GuardedSite is one of affordable way to ensure ecommerce privacy and best of all it is available in a free 90 day trial program (no credit card needed and no contract).

On the GuardedSite is a graphic which show how much GuardedSiteSM helps to Increase conversion rates for a professional services company that added the GuardedSiteSM seal to one of their web pages during a two month trial.


All sound good for me but how does GuardedSiteSM work? It is quite simple: after you submit a form, ProtectedShop.com will perform an automated security scan of submitted web site. GuardedSiteSM will look for known vulnerabilities. After that, the submitted web site will be tested at random intervals to ensure it remains secure and protected.

As long as submitted web site is secure, the GuardedSiteSM security seal it place on the submitted web site will link to a page clearly identifying the submitted web site as secure and protected. If any vulnerability is found by GuardedSiteSM, the owner of the submitted web site will be notified before any changes to the security seal take place in order to allow the webmaster to fix the security issues.

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