Reviewspring review the Sharp LL-151D, a budget autostereoscopic monitor based on parallax technology. As we found in the article, autostereoscopic technology is the most popular form of 3D LCD technology and it is able to provide a 3D image without any glasses.

This technology works by diverting each column of pixels to an individual eye, essentially halving the vertical resolution but providing a unique image to each eye. By displaying a correctly rendered image on the monitor it is then possible to trick the brain into believing that the two 2D images are a single 3D scene.

Also, Reviewspring tell us what is the right 3D viewing position

The photo is not so profesional taked but the editor just show us that the $500 Sharp LL-151D monitor is extremely glossy…

Sharp LL-151D

It is good to know that almost any game will work in real 3D on this monitor if you own an NVIDIA graphics card.

Their predictable conclusions are: Half Life 2 and FarCry were particularly fun in stereoscopic mode but … playing a game for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable