You wonder what software were using to making Super Bowl XLII TV commercials? We found that more than 30 Super Bowl XLII TV commercials (like Bridgestone, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, FedEx) were created using Autodesk technology.

Autodesk’s visual effects, editing/ finishing and 3D modeling, animation and rendering software were used to deliver computer-generated imagery, including digital animals and environments.

Numerous post-production facilities worked on the creation of Super Bowl commercials with Autodesk solutions:

Method Studios completed two Bridgestone Tires spots. The Autodesk Flame visual effects system was used on Unexpected Obstacles, while The Scream was completed with Autodesk Maya 3D animation, modeling and rendering software to mold, rig and animate seven animals.

The Mill used the Autodesk Smoke editing and finishing system, Autodesk Mudbox brush-based modeling software, Flame and Maya to create a variety of commercials, including Coca-Cola’s It’s Mine (Mudbox, the nCloth functionality in Maya, Flame and Smoke),’s

Queen of Hearts (Flame and Maya), Diet Pepsi Max’s Nod (Flame), and Amp Energy’s Amp (Flame).

Filmworkers Club used the Autodesk Inferno visual effects system, Smoke and Flame to create several spots, including Budweiser’s Clydesdale Team, Bud Light’s Breath Fire, Wheel, Fly and Endorsement,’s Spot On. Flame was also used for finishing work on’s Witch Doctor, Stone Circle, and Brownie.

Framestore NY used Maya for modeling, look development, animation and rendering of computer generated birds in FedEx’s Carrier Pigeons, as well as Flame for compositing. Flame was also used for Tide to Go’s Interview, E*Trade’s Baby Trading 1 and 2 and Chase’s Secret Agent.
Rhino VFX created a variety of spots using Flame and Maya, including Cadillac’s Live in It (Flame and Maya) which aired before kick off and after the Super Bowl, Dell’s Out with The Old (Flame and Maya), Prudential’s Rockpoints (Flame and Maya) and Ice Breaker’s Autograph (Flame).

Ring of Fire used Flame and Maya for T-Mobile’s Dwayne Wins and Flame for’s Witch Doctor and Amp Energy’s Camel.

a52 used Flame to shape’s Self-Help Yourself and Self-Help You which aired during ESPN’s SportsCenter immediately following the conclusion of the Super Bowl.

RIOT used Flame and Inferno to create Bud Light’s Wine and Cheese Party and Dell’s Slap.

Radium shaped Toyota’s Trike Race using Inferno.

Semerad Post Production used Inferno and Flame to complete Ice Breaker’s Autograph, AT&T’s Trip and NY Lotto’s Everyone.