I4U just publish a review of Apple TV movie rental option.

Some movies are available in both HD and SD versions. The HD version of a film costs $4.99 to rent and the SD version is $3.99.

Reviewer Shane McGlaun was very impressed with the quality of the rental service on the Apple TV. He write that once he choose the movie the download began immediately and was ready to watch in exactly 49 seconds. During the review the image was with great color and qualit and the sound was fantastic as well with crisp highs and deep bass, according to Shane.

Apple TV

I4U conclusions pros: Movie ready to start quickly; Large catalog of older films; HD titles available
I4U conclusions cons: Latest releases not available; Rentals only good for 24 hours

Our conclusions: Save you from a trip to rental store but for latest releases you need to get out of home. So, only 5/10 from pcnews.

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