Let’s assume that you are a computer beginner and you want to build your own PC. Good! What are your options? First learn from the Internet how to do it. Second, buy components from online shops. Now you wait for components. Put them together and here is your new PC!

Unfortunately in practice is not so easy like above story. Sometimes the components aren’t compatible so before to order you should ask some friends or study a lot from Internet. A lot of efforts…

The good news: Easy as my PC provide you PC Kits according to your needs. In this way they guarantee you that the components are fully compatible. Moreover, they provide fully illustrated assembly instructions, so you can do it right.

They claim that Easy As My PC Computer Kits can save you over $410 – $1,065 vs Pre-Assembled Dell Computers (depends of the configuration).

In a Pre-Assembled computers your upgrade options are limited, but in this way you can in the future have any upgrade you want. Also, you will learn from this experience.

Warranties are provided directly by the manufacturers of the products that are sold by Easy As My PC. Additional they provide a call service: 1-888-EASY-020.

Easy As My PC Kits include:

Plain-English, fully illustrated assembly instructions
Graphics card or integrated chipset
Hard drive
Optical drives
Expansion card options (e.g., TV Tuner, Modem)
Keyboard and mouse
Monitor options
Computer case
Cooling equipment
Power supply
All required cables
Operating system
Manufacturer Warrantees

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