Hardware computers become powerful enough to let anyone edit at home their own video creations. In the past the main problem of video editing was hardware and software. Now we have powerful computers, are a lot of software on the market but still we have problems when we start to edit our video creations. Because we have tools but we don’t know how to use it or how to solve some video editing problems.

On AskMrVideo website you can find almost any Video Help you need. Unfortunately is not free but the fee is not expensive and it is fair. You have two option: first is director plan – $25 one-time registration then $9.95 a month. Second is Producer plan – $117 per year ( Includes 1 hour Internet Video Coaching).

After you become member you will have access to many tutorials and a forum.

AskMrVideo claim that after you become member you will find:

  • Secrets like where to host your HIGH QUALITY videos for pennies.
  • How to create custom video players with start image, watermark, jukebox and more.
  • Where to get Royalty Free Music for your productions
  • The 5 factors that effect bandwidth.
  • The DVD duplication resource the will give you one-off pressings for only $1.75
  • The free resource for uploading your videos to all the major viral video sites PLUS ANALYTICS!
  • Free software to start your own internet video business.
  • Also you have access to download Transparent Flash Video Player (like they have on AskMrVideo website)

    I can give you some article example from AskMrVideo website:
    Unlimited Chroma Key Backgrounds in 3D
    The $90,000 Video Effect
    TUTORIAL: Transparent Flash Video Template
    DOWNLOAD: Transparent Flash HTML Template
    Unlimited Chroma Key Backgrounds in 3D
    Add Video to MySpace in 3 Steps.
    HiDef DVD Production – What you need to SucceedHiDef
    Experiential Video – Music and Images combine for a powerful force
    Experiential Video – Music and Images combine for a powerful force
    The Flip Video Camera: Review
    The Art and Business of the Video Testimonial
    Travel Video Lessons Learned
    MBA Prep Day


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