ASUS will present a lot of good stuff at CeBIT 2008.

Mobile Computing, Mobile Phones, Navigation, PC Components, and LCD Displays, and a brand new Desktop PC, will be showcase by ASUS in Hall 26, Stand D39 and Stand E37.

ASUS G50 / G70 Gaming Notebooks that release the power of two graphics adapters (SLI) and two hard disks (RAID) in an exciting new design

ASUS M50 / M70 mobile entertainment with premium performance and powerful Altec Lansing loudspeakers in a glossy black lacquer design

Chic and powerful design sub-notebooks like the U2 in leather with a weight of just 1.28 kilograms including a super multi-drive

ASUS is proud to announce the world premiere of the ZX1 Smartphone, resulting from a new design cooperation, along with the elegant Dual Display M930 Smartphone, and small format PDA phones

ASUS UMPCs R70 and R50: 7 inch and 5 inch Ultra Mobile PCs with an exciting new design and a host of options

ASUS Lamborghini VX3: ASUS has expanded its Lamborghini notebook range with the new 12 inch model. The new sub-notebooks blend together the characteristic yellow and black hues with those attributes associated with the world of Lamborghini sports cars – flat, fast, beautiful, innovative and state-of-the-art technology. From whatever angle you look at this little runabout PC, you will always be captivated by the exclusive design of the chassis.

Lamborghini VX3

The ASUS-Lamborghini VX3 is made from an aluminum-magnesium alloy and has a metallic keyboard. The notebook cover of the black model is designed with a carbon look whilst the cover of the yellow model comes with high-grade finish. Based on the latest Intel processor technology, integrated drives, large memory capacities and the latest communications and safety features, the VX3 is sure to become the powerful companion for all those trend setters.

ASUS Lamborghini VX3

ASUS Lamborghini

ASUS presents its new ASUS G70 notebook featuring powerful dual-graphics based on the highly acclaimed NVIDIA SLI technology, as well as the support of dual hard drives and up to 8 GB of system memory for optimal frame rates. The ASUS G70 is designed for the serious computer enthusiast, and is also aimed at users who want to enjoy high-definition video on their notebooks. Armed with a stunning 17″ HD widescreen display with a native resolution of 1920×1200 and a pair of powerful NVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT graphics processing units with 1 GB memory. The ASUS G70 is able to maximize long-term entertainment value and advanced visual quality to provide an uninterrupted thrill-packed adventure. Preloaded with a robust array of multimedia features including a pair of built-in stereo speakers, a subwoofer, an embedded TV tuner and an integrated webcam the G70 is usable for movie pleasure too.

Highlights from the Desktop PC, PC Components and Displays sectors:
ASUS will present its first Desktop Gaming PC: the ARES CG6150 which offers performance in a menacing armor-cladded case

ASUS Essentio CS5110 and Nova P22: highly compact, low-noise mini and slim desktop PCs in attractive cases

Nova P22

Nova P22 photo

The luxurious LS221 design LCD display, the VW223B USB monitor and the MK221H and MK241H multimedia monitors with integrated webcams

ASUS EAH3870X2 graphics cards with Dual ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2