A brilliant group of people have developed an online game designed to help the environment and fight poverty in the real world by turning game rewards into real-life help for social and environmental causes: Glupod – the first Video Game to deliver direct emotional fulfillment to the player.

Online Gamers Save Real Lives

The game, called Glupod, will debut worldwide on May 30. Glupod players will be able to provide food for a starving child in Africa, protection for a whale species going extinct or offset carbon emissions and help fight global warming. In a nutshell, Glupod gives gamers a variety of real-world causes to choose from and enables them to convert their in-game winnings into actual help for that cause.

For more detail please watch the below video and visit official Glupod website. Enjoy the game!

Meet Weemie, the first glupod angel, Katrina and Melina, and see how the three of them can make this world a better place.


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