How much cost your notebook? Maybe it’s value $500USD? Or $1000USD, $2000USD? Even more? A stolen notebook can make you a lost much higher of the notebook’s value because all your data are on it, and is a real disaster if your data goes to a smart thief.

You should pay attention to your notebook. Never let it alone in a public place neither for a second!

Unfortunately mistakes happen and you must calculate this risk. A smart solution is to protect your data with a good disk encryption solution.

One example of a security company is AlertBoot. Partnered with SafeBoot, AlertBoot leverages their entire suite of products — from USB key encryption, File Encryption and hardware port control to software blocking. AlertBoot offers full disk encryption and a comprehensive suite of disk security solutions as a centralized, managed service.

AlertBoot logo

They also run an interesting blog about security issue. There you can find stories like Kraft Laptop Theft Affects 20,000 Employees or How a CD and laptop from the British Home Office got sold on eBay.

AlertBoot offer a completely managed encryption service at $12.95 monthly. It thinks that for a company this $12.95 monthly is not a high price. If a company’s notebook will be stolen you can remain calm because your data are safe. And you should know that AlertBoot supports a securely-managed 24/7 helpdesk at no extra charge.

Most of us we thinking that a security solution like File Encryption should be complicate. Let’s see how it is in our AlertBoot example.
First you are signing up. Go to AlertBoot Central and pick the options your organization need (like encryption algorithms or USB ports that you want blocked on the target machines).

Now the policy is saved and you will send links to your designated users by email. Users will download and run the install file (2MB to 5 MB). After the install data encryption process begins and laptop, workstation, or smart phone will be fully encrypted.
You see how simple it is?

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