You know what a GPS tracking unit is? What are uses for a GPS traker? If not, please read this article.

Because I need an exemple I choose LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key. It is a device that uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) tehnology to determine the precise location of a vehicle (within 2.5 meters) to which it is attached and to record the position of it at regular intervals of time. For your information, it receives signals from the twenty-four Department of Defense satellites orbiting the earth. The LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key also record many parameters like velocity, duration of time that the vehicle remains stationary or direction.

Tracking Key

Now you know what a GPS Tracking Key is and you can guess what are uses for it: vehicle tracking, fleet tracking, asset tracking, teen tracking or mapping tracks. Moreover, LandAirSea GPS Systems software is fully compatible with Google Earth Software and maps the GPS coordinates of the person or vehicle.

GPS Tracking Key

From instalation point of view the GPS Tracking Key is water-resistant, powered by 2 AAA batteries and features a strong magnet mounts.

LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key features:
Pocketsize design
16 channel GPS Receiver
Can be placed in, on, or under the vehicle with strong magnet mounting
Logs the driving speed, every second. Shows you the maximum speed driven for the day.
Logs location, date, and time of every stop. GPS Tracking Key Image
Fast USB download. The tracking key plugs right into your computer.
Data is compatible with Google Earth.
Software animates the vehicle driving over a digital street map.
Low battery indicator
Average battery life of 2 weeks with standard Alkaline batteries, 2.5 weeks with Lithium batteries. (Battery life depends on hours driven per day and above calculations are determined with 2 hours of driving per day).
No monthly fees

GPS Tracking Key

A story about how GPS Tracking Key by LandAirSea Solves Murder Case

Back in July, George Ford was arrested in Chenango County for the death of a 12-year-old girl. Ford was charged with reckless endangerment. However, authorities discovered there was a global positioning system in his car. The device is called a tracking key. Ford’s wife put it in his truck, because she suspected he was having an affair. Based on the information taken from the tracking key, Ford was charged with murder.

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