Do you have a website? Your logo is good enough to catch visitor’s attention? Or maybe you want to change the company’s Logo.
To make a new Logo we need to hire a professional or to learn some complicate software. Or, if you are smart, you can find some special logo software.

A good example is Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software. You can create attractive logo, page headers, splash page images, movie titles, etc, without advanced knowledge. Logo Design never was so easy to do.

The best part is that you can try it before buy. A 16 days trial version is available for download. The trial comes with 7 free fully modifiable logos. After you buy it you will get 40 more fully modifiable logos.

We try it for you. The install package is 38.4MB and the installation is fast and easy to do.
After the installation we start it finds an easy and clean interface. The templates available in trial version are really nice and useful but of course the templates available in paid version looks better.

If you are a real beginner you will find a great help to start in a short tutorial.
From one template you can make many different Logos. We try to do a Logo and we made below Logo in 2 minutes (exactly 1:48!). It is a record…


PCNews Verdict: 10/10 A nice Logo ready in 2 minutes? This software get a Gold Award for this performace!

Gold Award