Adourned with 3100 original Swarovski-crystals complete in the colour crystal, this ugly Nespresso Crystal Edition coffee machine cost you £1,995 ( 3,983 U.S. dollars). What else I can tell… expensive coffee.

width: 22.6 cm deepth: 23 cm height: 23 cm
Weight: 4,50 kg Power: 1260 Watts

– metal working
– cup warmer in aluminium
– removable grill for the preperation of Latte Macchiato
– automatically remove of used capsules
– illuminated collecting pan for used capsules
– high pressure pump with 19 bar
– electronic temperature control (Thermoblock)
– removeable watertank
– easy preperation with ergonomically handhold
– automatic funktions. Choose with one push at a button between Espresso and Lungo.