One month ago we talk about GPS Tracking Key but the subject is hot, so I decide to come back with more details. If you don’t read the article one month ago I recommend you to read it here before this article because now I’ll skip some basic details.

LandAirSea have been designing, manufacturing, and selling GPS devices since 1994. So they have a lot of experience with GPS device.

It is pretty amazing the small dimensions of their product, the GPS Tracking Key:

Length: 3.80 inches
Width: 1.46 inches
Height: 1.34 inches (includes magnet)

It is small but very resistant to weather, as the operating temperature is between 15°F and 185°F (26°C to 85°C). Moreover it is water resistant, so can be placed in exterior, under the car for example. Some people use it to tracking the husband/wife trips or employees business trips. I don’t know if it is ethical to do it in this way but will help you for sure.

You don’t need to be an engineer to mounting it on the car. Just stick it by the magnetic support and that it is all installation. Just be sure it has 2 full load AAA batteries. You can calculate the battery life
with the below formula:

3 Weeks for 1 Hour per Day Driving
2 Weeks for 2 Hours per Day Driving
1 Week for 4 Hours per Day Driving

Horizontal accuracy is 2.5 meters and 16 is the maximum number of satellites. It use flash memory for storage so it is shock resistant. The maximum storage capacity is 100 hours driving time but you can backup on you PC by USB.

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