Today I was looking in my old digital photos and I discover some photos with me and my ex. First impulse was to push delete key because I don’t want that my actual friend see those photos. But something stops me. I thinking again “hey, those are my memories! I cannot delete my old life”. So, I search on the Internet for hiding photo software and I stop to Picasafe.

I download it and I test it. The installation was easy like abc. After open the software I create an album and put some file to hide pictures with my ex. The time need for process the file is almost 0. What PicaSafe do to hide your photos? It puts images into an executable file, protecting them with a password (448-bit encryption).

The smart side of PicaSafe is that anyone can run the program and enjoy the pictures that you decided to make publicly available. Only when enter a password you’ll immediately get access to hidden image file. So, no one can guess they are there… Moreover, with PicaSafe, you can create a false digital photo album protected with a false password! If your friend asks you why your album has a password and forced you to enter a password, just type the false one to display the harmless photo album instead of the really private stuff. Cool!

You can download PicaSafe for free to try and you can buy it for $55USD.

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