pcnews: First of all I want to thank you for this interview. Please introduce yourself to PCNews readers.
Shalley: My name is Shalley Chen, the vice president of A-DATA Technology.

pcnews: Why a user should choose A-Data over other DDR? Which are A-Data’s DDR strong points?

Shalley: A-DATA truly understands that professionalism and innovation drive a company’s competitiveness as well as the value of its products, incl. flash products, and services in the market. A-DATA’s strict execution requires performing at the highest standards as it relates to ID design, purchasing and supply chain management, manufacturing processes and quality control and testing. Through constant innovation and development of products that exceed customer expectations, A-DATA has won many of the most recognized international awards including the National Taiwan Gold Award of Excellence, Japan’s G-MARK (Good Design Award), CES Innovations Award in the US and iF Design Award and Reddot Design Award in Germany.

pcnews: Lets say I never bought A-Data. Please convince me in a couple of sentences to become an A-Data fan and never buy other DDR.
Shalley: A-DATA is an extremely versatile manufacturer with the ability to bring unique concepts and ideas into series production. We work with individuals and companies at all stages of design and manufacture, from concept to finish, in a highly focused effort to bring high level memory modules and services. A-DATA is committed to delivering quality memory modules to our consumers through our experience and services. We have won good reputation from many server and motherboard manufacturers at home and abroad. We are an expert in our field.

pcnews: What kind of USB memory do you recommend? What are the strong points of A-Data USB flash memory?
Shalley: I personally recommend the Sport S701 USB flash drive. The avant-garde concept, leading technology and craft design, of the A-DATA Sport Series S701 not only provides you with an aesthetic impression of a classical sports car, but also bring innovative material and design notion of a flash drive to the public. The retractable USB connector eliminates the need for caps. S701 which is available in black, red and blue, makes this flash drive the classic statement for your digital lifestyle. S701 was designed for consumers who love fashion and sport car. The flash drives are the way of showing their own style and taste. Furthermore, now in cooperation with ASUS, A-DATA has also a white Eee PC Edition of S701. It’s the best accessory to match your Eee PC. Overall, the strong point of A-DATA flash memories are on the one hand its technology, ex. Chip On Board technology which provides to integrate more functions and large capacity in the same dimension to fit to a limited place, and on the other hand existing global distribution channel that makes it possible for consumers to access the latest A-DATA products.

pcnews: The recent earthquake from China will influence global memory price? But also A-Data prices?
Shalley: The earthquake you mentioned which happened in Sichuan province a couple weeks ago didn’t really influence the global prices for memory products. So, it neither influenced A-DATA the company itself and its prices.

pcnews: DDR3 is still too expensive. Why? When can we buy DDR3 modules at reasonable prices?
Shalley: DDR3 is still expensive, but A-DATA DDR3 modules are already available through our channel. A-DATA has an existing global distribution channel that makes it possible for consumers to access the latest DRAM memory, flash products, such as solid state drives (SSD), memory cards and USB flash drives. All those products will be made available through the channel making it easier for consumers to obtain the latest and greatest products worldwide at time of introduction. It’s still too early to say anything. Fact is, DDR3 memory is still very expensive, so the volumes aren’t there so far. As I mentioned before, we do have our DDR3 memory products on offer on the market. As motherboards based on new chipsets which have DDR3 support become mainstream, our DDR3 offerings will get more competitive. At present, I estimate DDR3 modules will be mainstream beginning 2009. Thus, the price will be available at more reasonable prices.

pcnews: Please recommend a MB for DDR3 and a MB for DDR2.
Shalley: Our DRAM modules are compatible with many motherboards. All A-DATA DIMMs maximize system’s performance and stability on any MB. We also do long-term co-operations and co-work with the biggest MB manufacturers in the world in order to increase continuously the performance, stability of our modules as well as its reliability which is also a major key point for memories.

pcnews: What kind of memory do you use in your desktop home computer configuration? But for your notebook?
Shalley: For my personal desktop computer at home I use standard DDR2-800 Long-DIMM from A-DATA. In case of my notebook, I use also A-DATA DDR2-667 SO-DIMM

pcnews: What are A-Data’s vision and aspirations?
Shalley: Our goal is to become a professional provider of quality modules and high-end flash products to meet the needs of our faithful consumers. Focusing on increase of our market share worldwide, we try to be Top 2 in each country. Looking to the future, as the second largest DRAM memory provider in the world, A-DATA will instill the spirit of “To be the No.1” to continue to drive our brand and market growth.

pcnews: Please send a message to all PCNews readers
Shalley: Thank you to all PCNews readers, and it is my pleasure to share the information about A-DATA, I hope you will like our products too. Thank you so much again.

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