Artificial Life announced the release of a humorous new soccer game, Bustin’ Balls, which is comprised of several mini-games that follow the mischievous central character, Buster, on his quest to wreck a professional soccer game.

The goal of the game is to infiltrate a soccer match and win by using as many cunning tricks as possible. The player must help Buster sneak into a stadium by stealing a ticket and then sabotage the game and annoy fans by whatever means possible. This game features over 10 different action-packed mini-games, each with three levels of difficulty.

The game will soon be available through over 1,000 on- and off-deck telecom operators and resellers worldwide. To celebrate the launch of Bustin’ Balls, visitors have until October 31, 2008 to enter a promotion to win a handset that comes with the game pre-installed.

Bustin’ Balls is one of the first games by Artificial Life that will be distributed using the recently announced rollout tool, the MobileBooster. MobileBooster is a development tool and platform for mobile 3G (and 2G) applications and games that greatly facilitates the mobile roll-out process. The game is supported by most of the recent 3G and 2.5G handsets and will be available in many languages for global distribution.