Nowadays you must go digital with your documents. You cannot remain stick on your paper documents in Digital age. OK then, digital good, paper bad. But you have a lot of paper documents and I bet that you wonder how to scan such an amount of documents. Buy a scanner and proceed to work? Of course not! Too many documents, too much time to scan so many files.

The answer is much simple than that: call a company which offer Scanning Services. One of the best is Digital Documents, LLC. Just look at what their clients say about experience with this company.

Digital Documents, LLC provide ISO 32000 compliant document conversion services and project implementation methodology include:

Document Preparation (Steps include: Log, Prepare & Unitize Files)
Document Scanning (Steps Include: Image, Convert & OCR Files )
Document Coding (Steps Include: Code Field Search & Retrieval Data )
Document Indexing (Steps Include : Embed Coded Data into Files & Metadata)

document scanning processes

On the Digital Documents, LLC website I found those facts:
Paper filing systems grow 22% per year.
Over 40% of the data utilized on the job is not readily accessible.
Support personnel spend up to 60% of their time searching for paper.

Just for your information, Digital Documents, LLC was founded in 2001 to support organizations in their desire to go paperless.

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