Pathfinder Luggage, announced today that in the next few months travelers passing through security checkpoints will be able to without removing the laptop from its bag.

The Transportation Security Administration called upon manufactures to send in prototype bags to determine if it was possible to make a bag that carries a laptop without obstructing a clear view of the laptop from the X-ray machine. With overwhelming response to the query TSA is moving forward with the project.

TSA begins training their staff to accept the Checkpoint Friendly Bag in the next few months. Travelers allowed to pass through with their bag are those that adhere to the directional uses of the Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag. To ensure that the view of the laptop is clear when passing through the X-ray machine specifications include:

* No cords pens, pencils or any obstructions in or near the pocket of the laptop
* No metal objects placed on the material where the laptop is housed

Over the next few months luggage manufactures will rush to be the first to create the Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag. Pathfinder Luggage tested two prototype Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags through X-ray machines nationally and internationally, the result was a clear image of the laptops. Bags conforming to the new standard will be indicated by a Checkpoint Friendly hang tag and logo to be established by the manufacturer.