ASUS has today introduced the world’s most intelligent graphics card with the ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) EN9600GT MATRIX/HTDI/512M.

Much like a sci-fi movie where the protagonists can do just about anything, the ROG MATRIX Series will allow gamers to unleash the true power of graphics cards.

This VGA is equipped with the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine for automatic detection and adjustments of voltage, clock setting, and fan speeds to achieve the ultimate in performance or maximum energy saving. Additionally, the Hybrid Cooler technology offers extreme or silent cooling according to gamer needs; while iTracker provides 5 scenario GUI modes for easy user selection for their preferred usage.

By combining three powerful features: Super Hybrid Engine, Hybrid Cooler and iTracker, 26% performance boosts in 3D mode can be achieved; while 26% less power consumption and 0dB cooling can also be guaranteed under the 2D mode.

Up to 26% Faster in 3D Mode
With the ASUS ROG EN9600GT MATRIX/HTDI/512M in 3D mode, gamers can expect GPU and memory voltage boosts from 1.15V up to 1.34V and from 2V up to 2.01V respectively. Erstwhile, the GPU, shader and memory clock performances are boosted from 650MHz up to 800MHz, from 1625MHz up to 2000MHz, and from 900MHz up to 1100MHz respectively. Such unprecedented performance upgrades helps elevate the ROG EN9600GT MATRIX’s 3DMark Vantage Extreme Mode score from 1320 to 1662 – an astonishing 26% improvement in speed when compared to any other reference designed board*. Gamers can now feel the adrenaline rush of superb gaming performance only with the ASUS ROG EN9600GT MATRIX/HTDI/512M.

Up to 26% Power Saved & 0dB in 2D Mode
When in 2D modes, less power consumption is required, and the ASUS ROG EN9600GT MATRIX/HTDI/512M reduces GPU and memory voltages from 1.15V up to 0.9V and from 2V up to 1.772V respectively for energy savings and 0dB cooling. Besides this, the Auto Phase Switch technology is utilized to optimize the power supplied by the power phase for maximum power efficiency. Such unprecedented voltage reduction; plus the Auto Phase Switch technology, lowers the ROG EN9600GT MATRIX’s power consumption from 25.54W to 18.82W – an astonishing 26% in savings when compared to any other reference designed board**. Additionally, under 2D modes with Hybrid Cooler, fans will no longer be needed to dissipate heat away – therefore allowing users to enjoy absolute 0dB cooling for comfortable computing environments.

Graphics Engine GeForce 9600GT
Video Memory 512M DDR3
Engine Clock 650 MHz
Shader Clock 1625MHz
Memory Clock 1.8GHz (900MHz DDR3)
Memory Interface 256 bit
DVI Max. Resolution 2560 * 1600
Bus Standard PCI Express 2.0
DVI Output DVI-I
HDCP compliant YES
HDMI Output YES**
D-Sub Output YES, via DVI to D-Sub adaptor
HDTV Output YES, via HDTV Out cable
TV Output YES, via S-Video to Composite
Adaptor/Cable Bundled DVI-to-D-Sub adaptor
HDTV-out cable
Power Cable
Software Bundled ASUS Utilities & Driver
Notes The card size is 4.376 inches x 9 inches

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