Lenovo today introduced four new notebooks with more choices of color, including Valencia orange, Indigo blue, Bold black and Crimson red.

The announcement brings two new notebook form factors – the 13-inch widescreen IdeaPad U330 and the 14-inch widescreen IdeaPad Y430 – to the IdeaPad line. Additionally, the new IdeaPad Y530 and Y730 notebooks round out Lenovo’s expanded consumer notebook portfolio. All of the notebooks are based on the latest Intel Centrino 2 processor technology.

IdeaPad U330

Lenovo designed its “U” series to be all about expressing ideas with style. The IdeaPad U330 notebook is a super-slim, ultra-light addition to the widely-acclaimed IdeaPad U110 notebook, introduced in the spring. Available in a glossy Indigo blue and Bold black, the notebook starts at 0.9 inches thin and weighs just over four pounds. Equipped with the latest version of VeriFace™ facial recognition technology, consumers can now access encrypted files and record a 30-second video message for other users. Designed with Dolby® Home Theatre and touch-sensitive multimedia controls, the notebook comes equipped with HDMI and an optional built-in DVD burner.

The IdeaPad U330 notebook also includes switchable graphics. This enables the user to run energy efficient integrated graphics while on battery power and then switch to discrete graphics for more powerful performance when “plugged in.” The notebook also includes an LED backlit display, five hours of battery life and Lenovo’s Active Protection System (APS), a feature pioneered on ThinkPad notebooks. Lenovo’s APS technology helps protect the data on the hard drive if the notebook should fall. And if the operating system should crash, users can recover their data at the touch of a button with the One-Key Rescue System1.

IdeaPad Y430 & Y530

The IdeaPad Y430 and Y530 notebooks make mainstream notebooks fun and functional. Available in Bold black or a new Crimson red textured design on the IdeaPad Y430 notebook, consumers can enjoy all the features that make the “Idea” brand unique. Additionally, they may choose between a framed or frameless screen as well as an optional Blu-Ray DVD player2.

IdeaPad Y730

Lenovo is enhancing its popular multimedia notebook, the IdeaPad Y710, to a new level with the IdeaPad Y730 notebook. Models with the Game Zone function now come in Valencia orange, distinguishing them from the mainstream models in Indigo blue. Equipped with the design and functionality shared throughout the IdeaPad line, the notebook sports a frameless screen, touch sensitive multimedia controls, Dolby® Home Theatre, One-Key Rescue System1, VeriFace™ facial recognition, support for HDMI and an optional Blu-Ray DVD player. This notebook sets the trend for style, design and high performance, with models featuring up to two 320 GB hot-swappable hard drives.