Motorola announced MOTO VE240 will be arriving soon to Cricket Communications, Inc., and to Metro PCS Communications, Inc. The new MOTO VE240 is a sleek candy-bar style device that brings cutting-edge features, such as MP3 and Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Technology, at an attractive price point customers will love.


The full music experience is enjoyed with MOTO VE240’s MP3 player with a dedicated music key, 4GB of optional removable memory, high audio speakerphone and USB 2.0 full-speed technology for fast file transfers from a PC² (optional cable required). Through Stereo Bluetooth wireless technology, MOTO VE240 makes it easy for users to enjoy high-fidelity sound when paired with compatible Bluetooth-enabled headsets.

“MOTO VE240 will help consumers further enjoy the benefits offered by two of the nation’s top providers of unlimited wireless communications with its many features and great looks,” said Kathleen Finato, vice president of sales, Motorola. “We are delighted to offer the features most important to consumers with impressive quality at an unbelievable value.”