BodyMedia today announced the launch of GoWear® fit – a lifestyle and calorie management system that helps consumers monitor their body and improve their health.

Lifestyle and Calorie Management System

Different from a simple pedometer, accelerometer or heart rate monitor, GoWear fit is a lifestyle and calorie management system that tracks five key physical characteristics that can directly affect your health — number of steps taken, amount of calories burned, amount of physical activity, and sleep duration and efficiency. No other comfortable, convenient, continuous body-monitoring products can measure physical activity and calories burned with BodyMedia’s level of accuracy, which is more than 90%.

Worn comfortably on the upper left arm, GoWear® fit’s patented multi-sensor technology “reads” your body and its unique characteristics. So now, from gym exercise to preparing dinner, spinning class to mowing the lawn, Gowear fit helps users measure, adopt and maintain positive lifestyle changes. It is easy to use and keeps users motivated.

The GoWear fit system has three components:
o An Armband, worn on the upper left arm;
o An Online Activity Manager – which allows users to set and track goals, as well as monitor progress;
o And an optional Display, which gives the user minute-to-minute updates on their data, without “plugging in.”

“Helping users meet their fitness goals and reducing the impact that obesity-related disorders and diseases have on our healthcare system have been an ongoing focus of BodyMedia since it was founded in 1999,” said Tom Futch, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Our relationship with Dick’s Sporting Goods allows BodyMedia to extend our expertise and make our products available directly to consumers who are ready to make positive changes to their health.”

BodyMedia has a proven track record in health and weight management. Their SenseWear® BMS and WMS products are behavior therapy solutions used by the world’s leading obesity, nutrition and exercise research clinicians to help patients manage metabolic disorders.

GoWear fit retails for $199.


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