Scientists and engineers on GE’s OLED research team rang in the 2008 holiday season with a first-ever OLED Christmas tree lighting at GE’s Global Research Center headquarters in Niskayuna, NY. Illuminated in green light, GE’s flexible OLED panels cut quite a tree and provide a glimpse at how this revolutionary lighting concept is going to transform the lighting industry.

OLED Christmas Tree

OLED Christmas Tree

To see a video of the team and the lighting of the OLED Christmas tree please see below.

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OLEDs are thin, organic materials sandwiched between two electrodes, which illuminate when an electrical charge is applied. They represent the next evolution in lighting products. Their widespread design capabilities will provide an entirely different way for people to light their homes or businesses. Moreover, OLEDs have the potential to deliver dramatically improved levels of efficiency and environmental performance, while achieving the same quality of illumination found in traditional products in the marketplace today with less electrical power.

Earlier this year, GE scientists achieved a major research milestone by demonstrating the world’s first roll-to-roll manufactured OLED lighting devices. This process for producing OLEDs has been likened to a newspaper printing process. Roll-to-roll manufacturing is seen as a key factor to making OLED lighting commercially viable in the general lighting industry.