Now, when everybody has a computer how can you be unique? How can you be proud of your new gaming desktop? The only solution is a custom built PC. This is the new trend. Get your unique computer and be proud of it.

How should be a custom built PC? First should look cool. Eyes’ catching is a must. Second: must be powerful. The most powerful if it is possible.
Of course all those features come with a price, but a high price is also good because you will be sure that your friends just dream on it…
After we setup our needs let’s go to search for a company which can provide our dream machine. After searching we find the best
custom built pc Company and dig in their website.

Don’t lose your time with low cost; go directly to high end models. You want the best system not a cheap one. So, in our example we go directly to Cryo Octane.

The Cryo Octane

You can take a tour around the optional upgrade Lian Li P80R special edition case in below video:

The system features eight overclocked cores, 4 GB DDR2 expandable to 16GB, ATI 4870X2 graphics card, 1500W high quality, multi-rail, low noise PSU, Xonar D2X 7.1 audio card. All those in a Lian Li P80R special edition case. What about the storage? I’m glad that you ask… They included a SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) with 3Gb bandwidth point-to-point bus and enables to use enterprise class 15K rpm drives in the array. This means simply the fastest desktop storage ever made available.

Also, the Cryo Velox desktop is one of my favorite. It features Intel Core i7 processors ‘Nehalem’ Cryo Boosted to 4.2GHz+, Cryo nVidia GTX 295, 32GB SSD & 1TB (1000GB) SATA-II RAID0, Extreme Water Cooling (& TEC), Asus Xonar D2X HD 7.1 sound and much more…

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