All people who live in cold regions of the globe use gloves during the winter but I think everybody no matter where are from saw a pair of gloves. So, the gloves can serve to protect the hands of the wearer against cold, physical damage by friction, and so on.

Fingerless gloves are useful for bikers because dexterity is required. The fingerless gloves keep your palms warm and your fingers free.

Sometimes the technologies influence the fashion and products like Etre Touchy gloves are born.


Why we need Etre Touchy gloves? Simply because they are funny to use and it is practical in the same time. They keep your hands warm and dry while using your gadgets like iPhone, iPod, mobile touch screen, PDA, and so on.

Fingerless gloves

If you don’t know, the touch-screen devices (like smartphones or iPhone) respond only to skin-on-screen contact. So, you cannot use it with normal gloves.
Of course you can use normal fingerless gloves but they don’t keep your hands snug and dry. Etre Touchy gloves come with an interesting concept: they cover your middle, ring and little fingers completely, keeping your hands clean and damp-free. While exposing only the tips of your thumbs and index fingers, allowing you to touch, tap, stroke, slide and pinch your device’s display.

cool gloves

So, if you are using this kind of devices we recommend you these fashionable gloves.

cool Fingerless gloves

Etre Touchy gloves

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