PA SEH announced it has expanded its print appliance product series ISD300 to include a model with a solid state disk (SSD). In contrast to conventional hard disks, solid state disks do not use rotating components and thus do not wear out mechanically.

As ISD300 print appliances can be operated anywhere, even outside of server racks, the new model provides for greater system stability and maximum performance in less protected environments.

ISD300 Intelligent Spooling Device by SEH Now With Solid State Disk (SSD)

The advantages of SSD technology include the ability to endure extreme shock and vibration, very fast access times, silent operation, and very low power consumption. ISD300-SSD provides for the greatest possible system stability and performance for all printing services even outside of the server room. While flash-memory based technology used to be exorbitantly priced, recent advancements have lowered market prices to levels competitive with conventional hard disks.

Dedicated print appliances such as the new ISD300-SSD relieve server resources and network traffic significantly. They efficiently spool print jobs, manage network printers as print queues, provide for the high availability of all printing services and are equipped with many more useful features. Users can easily configure and manage ISD300-SSD, requiring almost no maintenance. This compact appliance consumes considerably less power than general servers functioning as print servers. The solid state disk operates silently and endures vibrations and shock.

Like all models of the ISD300 product line, ISD300-SSD supports up to 50 network printers and 250 users and comes with the latest ThinPrint .print client for bandwidth optimization and print job compression. The device can be operated as ThinPrint Gateway. A comprehensive security package, regular software and firmware updates, and a three year guarantee are also included.

is equipped with a 16 GByte SSD and is available for MSRP 2,298 Euro excluding VAT.