How do you protect your computer data against hackers or failures? You have installed antivirus software, daily updated? Good. But if you delete a file accidentally or someone deletes some critical files from your hard disk drive how can you bring the files back? You cannot.
What you need is software for backup. I just found on twitter a discussion about Carbonite. And this discovery gives me idea for this article.

Without enter in technical details, Carboniteis a piece of software that automatically works in background of the OS and looking for new files (or modified files). The best part is that the backup is uploading on the Carbonite servers. So if you delete your file or even the hard disk drive just die you can get the files back using other computer.

Please don‘t worry about data privacy. The files are encrypted twice before upload on Carbonite servers so you privacy is protected.
All good services come with a price, and Carbonite price si 54.95USD/year. From my point of view it is not too cheap, but not too expensive. Depends how much worth your data for you. So for you Carbonite could be extremely inexpensive or too expensive.
If you are not convince you can try it for free for 15 days.

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