Usually when I want to shoot video, I use my HD video camera. But sometime I must immortalize some magic moments and my shinny and smart HD video camera is at home… Lucky me, always I have a phone with me and my phone has a video camera. The video captured by phone has not such quality like a video camera but what can I do? I cannot take with me the HD video camera in my pocket.
I try to find some software to improve the quality of the video captured with mobile phone. Lucky me! I find vReveal by MotionDSP. vReveal can improve the quality of flawed videos with just one click (OK, 2 clicks…).

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What I really like: vReveal has been specially tuned to run up to five times faster on CUDA-enabled NVIDIA graphics processors. That means you can process video enhancements in less time and have your CPU available for normal everyday tasks. Lucky me again: I have NVIDA VGA!

vReveal can stabilize, brighten, and sharpen problematic videos and is uniquely able to increase resolution and to remove noise artifacts such as graininess and pixelation.

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Unfortunately vReveal cannot enhance HD video. You can only apply enhancements to videos with a vertical resolution of 576 pixels (PAL resolution) or less.
But as I know (don’t ask…) MotionDSP are planning on releasing a higher-end version of vReveal in the future that would allow enhancement of HD video.
vReveal does allow you to trim a video to the best moment and to rotate a sideways video, but it is video enhancement software – not a full-fledged video editor.

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Minimum system requirements:
The minimum system requirements are: Intel or AMD 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 50MB hard drive space, and Windows XP or Vista. A CUDA-enabled NVIDIA graphics processor is needed in order to take advantage of GPU acceleration.

Video formats supported:

Formats output:
Windows Media (WMV) and uncompressed AVI.

Using vReveal’s “One Click Fix” feature, you can select a group of videos in vReveal’s gallery and apply a default level of enhancements to them in preview mode with a single click.

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The price of is $49.99 USD and it is possible to try vReveal before buying. The software is available to download from as a 30-day free trial, which applies a watermark to all exported videos and captured images. After 30 days, users can preview, but not export, enhanced videos.

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