The TouchCharge Kit for the Wii is a charging product that allows you to wirelessly charge your controllers. The charging pad can completely charge controllers in under four hours. The kit consists of a charging pad that plugs into a standard outlet and rechargeable battery packs that replace the original game controllers’ batteries and battery covers.

Touchcharge Kit

Multiple game controllers can be charged simultaneously by simply setting them on the charging pad. The pad’s base is an engineered non-conductive thermoplastic and the contact strips are corrosion resistant. Embedded into the battery housing, the wire-free technology is based on a set of 4 contact points, which are geometrically configured to ensure constant contact and efficiently deliver low voltage DC power to the battery charging circuit – regardless of the controller orientation on the pad. The TouchCharge Kit aims to enhance the user experience via smart engineering and aesthetic gratification – a true marriage of form and function.


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