I remember 2 years ago when I was looking for a new web hosting for my main website. All my website was hosted on Dreamhost. I was pretty happy with them but I feel like I must make an upgrade because my traffic goes up like crazy. So I start right away the searching for a reliable hosting for may new needs. In those days it is very difficult to find the true about hosting. There are so many affiliate websites and fake comments in the wild Internet so you should search for an answer to good hosting reviews website.

When someone ask me about a shared hosting usually I know what to say, but if my friend has some particular needs like vps hosting I go to my bookmarked web hosting review and learn what is the best choice for him. There are so many web hosting providers for VPS or even dedicated server, so an independent web hosting reviewer is one of the best solutions.

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One of the best independent web hosting reviewers is Web Hosting Geeks. This website is made to help you to find a Web Hosting Company no matter what your budget is and for what are you looking for. Web Hosting Geeks idea is good: users can compare web hosting by rating for Top 10 Web Hosting, Multiple Domain Hosting, Green Web Hosting, VPS Web Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting.

Web Hosting Geeks doesn’t stop only to recommend hosting. They have a lot of articles published about hosting, from beginner to advanced users. I found there some interesting articles and spend hours to read them.

Next visit: Web Hosting Geeks blog. Here I find a pleasant surprise: the blog is daily updated with articles about Web Hosting. Nice work!

My conclusion: If you are searching for a hosting company don’t forget to pay a visit to Web Hosting Geeks first. You will find a great help there.