We turned the internet upside down, looking for a reliable web hosting. The comments or blogs doesn’t help us too much to taka a decision so we stop to a web hosting guide. Here we spend good time on WebHostingRating website to read about Top 10 Web Hosting Providers or even about Best Blog Hosting.
When you click on each those categories (Linux (Unix) Hosting, Windows Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Colocation Hosting, Managed Hosting, and so on) a nice top will show up in front of your eyes.

Let’s presume that you have an online shop and you are looking for an ecommerce hosting solution. Where are you starting to search? Type google dot com, write in the little google’s box “ecommerce hosting solution” and hit “search”? Nice try but you will end few hours later with headache and be more confuse then at beginning.

No my friend! The right way, and easy way in the same time, is to go to a reliable web hosting guide website and learn which the best solution is for you. You will save the time and you will be ready to take a good decision.


For example in our simulation to find the best solution for an ecommerce hosting we go to WebHostingRating and choose the Best Ecommerce Hosting from the right sidebar. That it! You have now on your display the number one in this category. You can see all details about this web hosting provider and the customers review. Usually there are happy customers for the winners of each category but we recommend reading all.

And please don’t forget: if you are on the WebHostingRating website and you have some experience (good or bad) about a website hosting provider spend few minutes from your life and let your opinion. In this way you are helping others to make the best choice.